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Medical Devices
From printing catheters to syringes...
our Class 100,000 Clean Room
allows us to provide you with a
variety of printing and assembly services.
Value Added
From warehousing your products,
light-assembley, to complete fulfillment
of your products we can help you to
focus on your business.
Pad Printing
From one color to five,
we can provide you with
highly precise multi-color
pad printing on plastic, glass,
and metal. From prototype to
high-speed production runs.
Metal and Glass
Be it screen printing
or pad printing for an industrial
metal product made of metal to
high-end cosmetic bottles made of
glass, we can help you.
Art and Science
We're not afraid to try new things.
Everyday we combine art and science
to create truly magical packaging.
From 4 color process to conductive inks...
How Pretty.
Cosmetic Containers
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Screen Printing Services

When one hears the technique of screen printing they instantly think of textile printing. While it is true that screen printing of textiles is one use of the process, countless other applications are perfectly suited for screen printing, albeit with some specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience. At Flow-Eze Company we specialize in non-textile screen printing services, such as flat screen printing, cylindrical screen printing, and high-speed cylindrical screen printing on all materials...from plastic, glass, metal, to composites.

Flat Screen Printing

For items that are flat in nature, such as signs, machine housings, EVA foam, machine parts, we have the ability to print multiple colors either with semi-automatic equipment or if required, manually screen print each piece by one of our expert printers.

Cylindrical Screen Printing

Cylindrical screen printing allows for the imprinting of cylindrical, oval, or conical shaped items such as bottles, buckets, cups, mugs, tubes, syringes, and vials...just to name a few. In fact these "bottle" printing machines are commonly referred to as as universal machines for their universal application nature. Our machines are equipped with options such as bottle inflation systems to inflate soft plastic bottles for a quality imprint, to chuck and counterpoint indexing to allow for the successful multi-color registration of 2, 3, 4, or even 5 color imprints.

High-Speed, High-Volume Cylindrical and Oval Screen Printing

For jobs that are high-volume in nature, and require a 1, 2, 3 or 4 color imprint we offer fully automated screen printing that flame treats, prints, and UV cures the bottle at speeds of up to 7,000 parts per hour, while ensuring high-quality. This high-speed machine allows us to much more competitive and results in printing costs in the pennies.

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