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Medical Devices
From printing catheters to syringes...
our Class 100,000 Clean Room
allows us to provide you with a
variety of printing and assembly services.
Value Added
From warehousing your products,
light-assembley, to complete fulfillment
of your products we can help you to
focus on your business.
Pad Printing
From one color to five,
we can provide you with
highly precise multi-color
pad printing on plastic, glass,
and metal. From prototype to
high-speed production runs.
Metal and Glass
Be it screen printing
or pad printing for an industrial
metal product made of metal to
high-end cosmetic bottles made of
glass, we can help you.
Art and Science
We're not afraid to try new things.
Everyday we combine art and science
to create truly magical packaging.
From 4 color process to conductive inks...
How Pretty.
Cosmetic Containers
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Fixture Design & Machining

Pad Print Fixtures, Hot Stamp Fixtures, Screen Print Bottle and Container Tooling

A quality job starts with proper tooling. Likewise, quality and thoughtful tooling design provides for not only holding and supporting of a part for one or more color imprints, but also is an integral part in ensuring that a job can be done economically. The proper tooling can allow for fast load/unload, and decrease scrap by maintaining parts in registration. In the case of pad printing fixtures, we can even cut cost further by allowing smaller parts to be nested in to a fixture - printing multiple parts up - cutting production by multiples. Tooling allows for faster turnaround times and more precise repeat orders, as each reorder must be run the same way. Many fear tooling can be expensive, it can be with some companies - not at Flow-Eze!

Recently we were requested to produce nearly half-a-million parts in two-colors with a timeframe of less than one month. While our number of production lines allows for this to be easily accomplished - the price point that the customer wished to meet didn't. For that reason we were able to design tooling that utilized one of our largest presses that allowed for nesting multiple parts up. This nesting with the properly designed fixture allowed for 9 times the hourly production rate - achieving a price point that both ourselves and our customer could agree to - without sacrificing quality.

Granted for short runs that may only require one color and be a one time thing - it doesn't make sense to go to the expense of specialized tooling. In these cases, if the part allows, we use adjustable fixtures that we designed that are very similiar in concept to an Erector Set. Additionally, for short runs...and in certain cases for long-runs we use various urethanes to conform to unusual shapes that can be poured rather than machined - saving time and money.

We'd be happy to evaluate and use your current fixtures should you wish to bring your business from a former printer. Likewise, if you need some help designing fixtures for your in-house operation, we'd be glad to help. We can provide manually machined or poured fixtures, as well as CNC machined fixtures by our team of expert machinists at a price that you'll find more than competitive and turned-around in less than a week!

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