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Medical Devices
From printing catheters to syringes...
our Class 100,000 Clean Room
allows us to provide you with a
variety of printing and assembly services.
Value Added
From warehousing your products,
light-assembley, to complete fulfillment
of your products we can help you to
focus on your business.
Pad Printing
From one color to five,
we can provide you with
highly precise multi-color
pad printing on plastic, glass,
and metal. From prototype to
high-speed production runs.
Metal and Glass
Be it screen printing
or pad printing for an industrial
metal product made of metal to
high-end cosmetic bottles made of
glass, we can help you.
Art and Science
We're not afraid to try new things.
Everyday we combine art and science
to create truly magical packaging.
From 4 color process to conductive inks...
How Pretty.
Cosmetic Containers
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ISO Quality Standards

Flow-Eze takes quality seriously and is in the process of implementing ISO quality standards in all areas of our business. The following is some of our policies to ensure TQ.
• The quality policy is our formal statement from management, closely linked to the business and marketing plan and to customer needs. The quality policy is understood and followed at all levels and by all employees. Each employee has measurable objectives to work towards.
• Decisions about the quality system are made based on recorded data and the system is regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and effectiveness.
• Records should show how and where raw materials and products were processed, to allow products and problems to be traced to the source.
• Documented procedures to control quality documents in our company. Everyone has access to up-to-date documents and is aware of how to use them.
• To maintain the quality system and produce conforming product, we provide suitable infrastructure, resources, information, equipment, measuring and monitoring devices, and environmental conditions.
• We map out all key processes in our company; control them by monitoring, measurement and analysis; and ensure that product quality objectives are met. If we can't monitor a process by measurement, then we make sure the process is well enough defined that we can make adjustments if the product does not meet user needs.
• For each product/service our company makes, we establish quality objectives; plan processes; and document and measure results to use as a tool for improvement. For each process, we determine what kind of procedural documentation is required (note: a "product" is hardware, software, services, processed materials, or a combination of these).
• We determine key points where each process requires monitoring and measurement, and ensure that all monitoring and measuring devices are properly maintained and calibrated.
• We have clear requirements for purchased product.
• We determine customer requirements and create systems for communicating with customers about product information, inquiries, contracts, orders, feedback and complaints.
• When developing new products, we plan the stages of development, with appropriate testing at each stage. We test and document whether the product meets design requirements, regulatory requirements and user needs.